The start to a delicious life!

Have you every traveled to a different country and payed attention to what and how they eat as well as what the people of the country look like? If so, you would have seen that most of what they eat is fresh, low in those unhealthy sugars, and that they eat in small portions. America is one of the most obese countries and its time to change that!  The saying “you are what you eat” is nothing short of the truth. It is time to say NO to those sugary, high in fat kinds of foods and say YES to those that will help you lose weight and feel great. It may be hard at first but when you discover that healthier is better you will want nothing else but fresh, delicious, healthy food in your refrigerator, pantries, and on the table.

I am here to help you establish a new lifestyle and that starts with what you eat. I am writing this blog to provide your family, friends, and most importantly yourself, with various breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner recipes. These will help you change the way you eat and in turn feel fabulous and live great! Please keep in mind one thing, everyone struggles to stay strong when eating healthy so don’t get down on yourself if you slip up every now and then; we are all human and we will all do this. My goal is to help you transform your bad eating habits by using my passion for healthy food, and knowledge of cooking, into good eating habits. I will be joining you along the way to a healthier lifestyle by shopping with you, cooking with you, and eating with you! By asking questions and leaving comments, tips, results, or any other feedback, I hope you join me in this path to a new lifestyle!


About Kevyn Holden

I am a student at the University of Nevada, Reno; a senior. I am majoring in Business Management and plan to graduate this year. Traveling is a passion of mine. I studied in Turin, Italy from January 2011 to May 2011. I attended part of the business school SAA and studied Italian culture, business entrepreneurship, and Italian Cuisine. After that I traveled through Europe tasting different cultures' food, learning about their customs and country and I fell in love. I have two younger sisters, one who also attends UNR. I have played soccer my whole life and now I just play for fun. I am aspiring to own my own restaurant one day because I love to cook and bake and I am learning how to manage effectively.
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4 Responses to The start to a delicious life!

  1. kaliwhipple says:

    This is great, Kevyn! I can’t wait to read your healthy cooking tips.

  2. davidbozsik says:

    Sweet blog Kevyn! I lived with a host family in Bilbao, Spain, for one semester and I know exactly what you are talking about when you mention fresh foods and home-cooked meals. Natural cuisine can be fun and tasty, and it’s normal to slip up and eat some junk food now and then 🙂

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