Rotisserie Me

Hey guys! So today I tried out the rotisserie my family acquired recently. I wasn’t too sure about using it since I had no idea how to do it but it is actually quite simple! Put the chicken on the spits and turn it on (this is how it is for my rotisserie at least), so this is what I did. Rotisserie chicken is nothing different than regular chicken health wise. Unless you fry your chicken which might I add, you don’t want to do; you’re golden. Chicken is just good for you in general since it contains protein that we each need every day. So don’t stress if you can do this recipe because you don’t have a rotisserie, just try it by baking it.

With this recipe I just put some olive oil  all over the chicken, just enough to give it a little shine. Olive oil is a healthy alternative to using butter and this is my favorite, so think about subbing this for butter! Then I flavored the chicken with some garlic, like I have said in my other posts, I LOVE GARLIC and I use it with almost everything I cook and it s actually really healthy for you despite the after smell! So besides the garlic I also sprinkled some rosemary, a little salt, some pepper, and oregano! It took about 2 hours to get done. Then once it was done I made a salad with grape tomatoes which are my favorite snack, spinach and romaine lettuce since I ran out of spinach :/ , a little bit of feta cheese, red onion, and I topped it with some olive oil and vinegar-my favorite dressing. Now when you top your salad you don’t want to drown it with dressing you only want to sprinkle about a tablespoon maybe  even less on top so that it does not make the salad all fattening and take away the nutritious part of it. Then I also sautéed some asparagus in a pan over the stove with some olive oil as well. When you make your asparagus, make sure to rinse it off and snap off the ends of it, those are usually gross and turning purple.  When the asparagus was done I sprinkled a little parmesan on top (I’m telling you, Italy got the best of me!) Then I took the skin off of the chicken since this is basically the only unhealthy part of the chicken, you don’t have to do this but I’m not a fan. I put about 2 pieces on my plate, like 5 pieces of asparagus, I got a normal sized bowl of salad, and I ate up! It is a really really REALLY simple recipe and I hope you guys try this! It is my new favorite way of cooking and it makes the meat really good and moist if done the right way! Let me know what you did and what you think! Thanks for reading, be back tomorrow for another great one!


About Kevyn Holden

I am a student at the University of Nevada, Reno; a senior. I am majoring in Business Management and plan to graduate this year. Traveling is a passion of mine. I studied in Turin, Italy from January 2011 to May 2011. I attended part of the business school SAA and studied Italian culture, business entrepreneurship, and Italian Cuisine. After that I traveled through Europe tasting different cultures' food, learning about their customs and country and I fell in love. I have two younger sisters, one who also attends UNR. I have played soccer my whole life and now I just play for fun. I am aspiring to own my own restaurant one day because I love to cook and bake and I am learning how to manage effectively.
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