apples and oat meal

One of my favorite things to eat during the summer are apples. They are crisp, sour, and sweet and you know what they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. You can put so many things on top of apples to get some extra nutrients and different tastes all in one bite. When I was little my mom used to give me apples with peanut butter, last year my sister started eating apples with cheese, when you go to a sweets shop you can get a carmel apple. But this year I wanted to try something new.

Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day. I love all of the foods that are associated with breakfast but I still do not like to eat a huge meal right at the start of my day… I know, I’m weird! But one morning when I was eating an apple and my sister was eating some oat meal I wondered what the two would taste like together. There are oatmeals with the apple cinnamon flavor anyways. So I decided to grab a spoonful of oatmeal and add it to my apple. When I bit into this I discovered my new favorite breakfast.

Since apples are sour and sweet, the oatmeal added a salty taste to it and it was so good! I am sure that other people have tried this recipe before but I want to share mine with you incase you have heard nothing like it! It is really simple and of course quick. I mean it takes all about 5 minutes to make some oatmeal.

For the oatmeal you will need:

Quaker’s oats

a little brown sugar

a green apple

milk and water

So to make the oatmeal you just have to follow the recipe on the Quaker’s oats tube. It says 1 cup of oats in a bowl, 1/2 cup of water or milk… I use both just to mix it up! Stick it in the microwave (if you prefer to cook it on the over follow the directions for that). Microwave for 2-1/2 to 3 minutes. Stir it and wait for it to settle. Watch the oatmeal in the microwave, it might boil over!

When the oat meal is all done, cut up your apple into round slices. Then, take your oatmeal and cover the top of the apple (the part where the meat is showing) with the oatmeal. Then sprinkle a little brown sugar over the top of  it and enjoy!

If you are a parent trying to get your little ones to eat something healthy, this will do the trick; they won’t even taste the apple. Make sure that when you do put the brown sugar on it, don’t overload the oatmeal with it or all the nutrients in the meal will get taken away and all you will taste is the sweetness of the brown sugar! This recipe is simple and fun and brings a whole new light to breakfast (at least for me). Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about this recipe!


About Kevyn Holden

I am a student at the University of Nevada, Reno; a senior. I am majoring in Business Management and plan to graduate this year. Traveling is a passion of mine. I studied in Turin, Italy from January 2011 to May 2011. I attended part of the business school SAA and studied Italian culture, business entrepreneurship, and Italian Cuisine. After that I traveled through Europe tasting different cultures' food, learning about their customs and country and I fell in love. I have two younger sisters, one who also attends UNR. I have played soccer my whole life and now I just play for fun. I am aspiring to own my own restaurant one day because I love to cook and bake and I am learning how to manage effectively.
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