About Me

Hi guys! So to start out I should probably tell you my name, its Kevyn Holden.  You can call me Kevyn or Kevy since that is how most of the world knows me! I also get called Danielle on occasion from those who went to middle school with me but for now lets stick to the first two names! So I am 21 years young and a fourth year student at the University of Nevada Reno! I am majoring in Business management in hopes to own my own restaurant someday. When I graduate I think I am going to go to culinary school first so I can learn some more about the culinary field and decide what kind of restaurant I want to start. Then I would love to go abroad again and volunteer in third world countries, but I haven’t decided what I should do first. While abroad it would be awesome if I was able to find a chef I could work under so I can get even more experience in the restaurant business before I make my way back to the states.

You are probably wondering why I said “I would love to go abroad again”. I said this because I just got back this last July 2011 from traveling all around Europe. I started out in January 2011 to study in Torino, Italy. I chose Italy as my place to study because I love Italian food and let me just say, Italy did not let me down. It was some of the best food I have ever had in my life. I loved the pizza there, it was unlike any I have ever tasted. And they have this chickpea bread that is called farinata and I loved it! While I was in Italy I was able to travel to 14 other countries and taste their food as well. If there was one thing that I made sure to do while in each country, it was to eat a traditional meal. One time I even tasted horse, very sad:(. I loved traveling and experiencing all of the different cultures but I loved to get to eat all the food even more. That is one of the big reasons I am writing this blog.

Being in a different country, I was able to see what the people ate, how they ate it, how they cooked it, and how much they ate in one meal. It was almost completely different than here in the United States. The people were in better shape than most Americans and they definitely ate less as well. All of their food was fresh and they basically went to the market everyday.  From seeing the differences all around Europe to America, I decided to write a blog to give you a taste of all the different foods there are in the world! I am doing this because I love cooking and eating different foods and I want to spread my love for food to everyone who is willing to listen!


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